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Expecting 10 Percent Revenue From India’s Small Businesses

Mar 27th, 2014
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Founded in 2007 from Gurgaon, iYogi recently launched its services for SMEs and plans to develop few other feature packed innovations for small businesses and increase footprint in Europe, APAC and Latin America markets.

With SMEs attracting all the eyeballs and hailed as Indian economy’s growth engine it was but obvious that iYogi, a six years old provider of ondemand tech support, would not keep away from this emerging opportunity.

With Indian customers increasingly turning to the Internet to find solutions, services or products and the low level of understanding and the lack of proper profiling of SMEs prompted them to launch its services for both SMEs and consumers in March. And named the services aimed at the SME market “Business NonStop”. 

“We think from our pricing and market perspective, there is maturity, people are fed up with the options they have right now. They want to migrate from their traditional ecosystem of support to something which is more sophisticated,” says Vishal Dhar, President (Marketing) and Co-founder, iYogi. “People are not looking at how to save a few thousand rupees.” 

Business NonStop plan comes in three variants, Pro, Pro Plus, and Pro Premium. Under the Business NonStop plans organizations will get comprehensive technical support starting from just INR 249/- per month. Business NonStop Pro Plus is for organizations with 5-25 PCs and Business NonStop Pro Premium is for organizations more than 25 PCs support. With operations spanned across United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and GCC states, it’s the USA which continues to be its highest demand market. However, it expects India to become a strong second with 10% of its revenue being generated from small businesses in India within the next one year.The healthy mix of business and consumers in its two million odd users across geographies led them to look at carving out a space and finding their requirements for the changing technology that has not been catered to by anyone. Dhar says that innovation is happening in enterprise space and more so in consumer space but the middle area of small businesses is getting left out as nobody is being able to understand them properly as to who they are, how to profile them, what is their motivation, do they want to be called SMEs. This is when iYogi decide to create a service pack for the SMEs and launched its services in India. 

“The other part thing being there is a certain maturity in the SME sector which justifies having a title dedicated to that space. We see a ramp-up in the maturity based on how the technology is going to be used and deployed, and for this purpose we felt this was the ideal market for us to test our service. Once we have perfected this we can take it back to our other current customers and also to the new customers we can acquire in other parts of the world,” he adds. 

For iYogi SMEs are an emerging opportunity as opposed to large enterprises which have an established need. The challenges for both these segments are similar, given their technology sophistication and footprint. There is also a growing need due to the migration from in-premise to cloud, and growing numbers of mobile workers that are not supported by the traditional ecosystem. iYogi plans to extend its business services brand, Business Nonstop to SMEs and large enterprises with flexible, on-demand solutions delivered through its proprietary platform. 

Dhar says, “iYogi truly understands the DNA and make up of small businesses, having worked with thousands of small business customers globally. The demand for customization and the extent of customization varies across geographies and this is true for small business owners in India. But then iYogi has never believed in the concept of one size fits all, so we haven’t faced anything that we hadn’t anticipated or cannot address.”There is also an onsite service sales team which is being set up and eventually will be available across 20 cities in the next 18 months. It recently launched its Digital Service Cloud to provide direct customer resolution services to outsourcing this platform to OEM, Retailers, Telcos, and global service providers. This Dhar says has helped iYogi achieve customer satisfaction rates of over 93% which are amongst the highest in the industry. On more such launches in the future Dhar says “We are investing in the development of a few other feature packed innovations for small businesses especially in the Marketing Services arm of iYogi Business Nonstop.

Dhar points out the opportunity in India stands over Rs. 20,000 crores and globally it’s over US $100 billion. In six years it has already achieved revenue of $100 million and plans are in the offing to expand geographically and increase footprint in Europe, APAC and Latin America markets.Over the last six years iYogi has achieved over 2.5 million customers across 10 countries, having resolved over 13.5 million incidents and receives over 20,000 service requests daily. 


As for its GTM iYogi will run large scale digital marketing campaigns across multiple sites and search engines that are customized for Indian customers and small businesses. Its growing focus on content marketing by repurposing its knowledge base through thousands of online solutions and videos syndicated through various websites will also be made available in India. “We are also going to be expanding our existing social media strategies to identify intent and provide solutions, both free and paid,” concludes Dhar.

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